Apple Wants New iPad & iOS devices in Your Business

Apple Wants its New iPad and other iOS devices in Your Business, By the Boatload!
Called Apple Configurator, the company says that the new app makes it easy to “prepare newiOS devices for immediate distribution, supervise devices that need to maintain a standard configuration, and assign devices to users.

The top 50 Android phone apps
The Guardian
There is far more to smartphone life than Apple's iPhone. Google launched its Android software in 2008 and has since sold more than 300m of its smartphones; currently, more than 850000 are added to that number every day. More than 450000 apps are ...

The Guardian

China to Become Leading Smartphone Market in 2012, Beating US
International Business Times
By Wendy Li: Subscribe to Wendy's RSS feed According to market figures released by research firm IDC, China is bound to overtake the US in smartphone shipments by the end of 2012, becoming the leading market. IDC's latest Worldwide Quarterly Mobile ...
International Business Times

China to top smartphone market
Taipei Times
China will become the world's largest smartphone market this year, driven by sales of low-priced models, while India and Brazil will play more meaningful roles by 2016, according to a US-based research firm. After surpassing smartphone shipments in the ...

Android apps targeted by malware
San Jose Mercury News
By Steve Johnson Lurking amid the flood of games, tax guides and other applications being downloaded onto mobile devices using Google's (GOOG) popular Android software is a fast growing array of apps that can slap the gadget's owner with unanticipated ...

New iPad Jailbroken on Launch Day
PC Magazine
The Dev Team is actually a group of hackers that work on jailbreaking iOS devices and is not affiliated with Apple. “Busy iPad3 launch day! Congrats to @i0n1c for 2nd JB method, and @chpwn + @phoenixdev for 3rd method!” MuscleNerd posted on Twitter.

REVIEW: Droid 4 smartphone and its QWERTY keyboard impress
The Mercury
Not so for Motorola's Droid line. When the first Motorola Droid was released in late 2009 as one of the first Android phones, it was all the rage (especially among those who demand a physical keyboard), and that following continued to grow with the ...

AT&T Ramps Up LTE Rollout
By Brad Reed, NetworkWorld The carrier this week outlined its plans to launch 4G LTE services in a dozen cities over the next three months, including Cleveland, New Orleans, St. Louis and Staten Island in New York City. Other cities to get LTE this ...

Complaints start rolling in about new iPad: no FaceTime video chat over 4G LTE?
Washington Post
The new iPad, which will be released tomorrow, does not allow FaceTime video chat using 4G LTE networks, according to a report by The Verge. Former CEO Steve Jobs said that FaceTime would be Wi-Fi only in 2010 when it was introduced at WWDC 2010.

PLDT, Intel tie-up for premium Ultrabooks and Wi-Fi service
CNET (blog)
Why, give it a powerful connection to the World Wide Web but with the ability of being mobile courtesy of PLDT WiFi Zones. PLDT's WiFi Zone is a dedicated line for fast Wi-Fi Internet connection but which uses its premium myDSL Internet service so that ...

Cut off from a broadband world
Bellingham Herald
Darwin is emblematic of the nation's digital divide - the disparity between those with broadbandaccess and those suspended in the technological amber of the 1990s, with dial-up connections to the Web. In 2000, just 3 percent of American adults used ...

Dar es Salaam Broadband Project Impresses Malawi
Makame Mbarawa, at a meeting in Dar es Salaam on the International Broadband Fibre connectivity between Tanzania and Malawi. The minister said that the communication improvement was prompted by the fast changing technology in the global ICT industry.

Apple's loss in Motorola Mobility patent infringement case upheld
Times of Oman
Representatives for Apple and Motorola Mobility didn't immediately return calls seeking comment. Android was the platform on almost 49 per cent of the smartphone subscribers as of January, while Apple's iOS was on almost 30 per cent, according to ...

Times of Oman

GeChic's Portable Monitor for Your Smartphone: Clever, Clunky
Hot Hardware
On the one hand, it's a great idea to have a portable monitor to which you can connect your smartphone; not only does it give you a bigger screen, you can use the smartphone's screen, as well. The On-Lap 1302 supports at least three different ...

Hot Hardware

Android: Can an app improve social skills?
Christian Science Monitor
Android app is designed for socially awkward people. The AwkTalk app, winner of a competition, lets students with Android-based machines meet and rate each other's social skills. By Ian Hamilton, The Orange County Register/MCT / March 18,...

Christian Science Monitor

Verizon's new iPad can run over AT&T's 3G data network
March 18, 2012, 7:35 AM — The new iPad on Verizon Wireless' 4G LTE network can also run on AT&T's data network when an AT&T SIM card is inserted in the Verizon device, early buyers have found. That capability, discovered by a MacRumors commenter early ...

Recycle Your Android Smartphone and Get Paid To Do It
Operation Android
For example, Motorola announced the Droid RAZR MAXX with better battery life only a few months after launching the original. We've all been there before, wanting a newer model phone after recently purchasing the so-called latest and greatestAndroid ...

Operation Android

Samsung Galaxy S III leaks again, this time without TouchWiz
Android Community
This latest piece of Android news comes from some sources at Reddit, claiming his friend has a respectable job with Samsung and just sent over an official picture of the new Galaxy S III along with some details that we've not yet heard from other ...

Android Community

WonderCon Weyland Corp. Viral Cards Unlock a New Android Video
First Showing
Which if you dial, will unlock this rather eerie new android viral video. As explained by our friends on the Alien Prequel News blog, the new video (seen below) was discovered by calling that number, which goes to a Weyland operator informing you that ...

Motorola DROID X2 on the Verizon Wireless network getting software update
Technology Bloom News
The Motorola DROID X2 is not getting the Ice Cream Sandwich update anytime soon, according to Verizon Wireless, but an update is in the works and will be released soon. According to the support page on the Verizon Wireless web site the update will ...

Technology Bloom News

Number of broadband connections cross 13 mn
Business Standard
PTI / New Delhi Mar 18, 2012, 15:02 IST The number of broadband connections in India stood at 13.35 million by the end of December 2011, with Maharasthra (including Goa) accounting for the highest number at 0.23 million. "The number of broadband ...

Commentary: New iPad shows up LTE fragmentation
Not only is there mention of the touted “4G” or LTE (Long Term Evolution) speed upgrade, which supports the 700MHz and 2100MHz frequencies, but the iPad can also log on to older networks running UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+/DC-HSPA in four other frequencies.


IT execs still awaiting Windows 8 on tablets
March 18, 2012, 7:11 AM — IT managers say they are eagerly awaiting Windows 8-based tablets due out this fall, though some do wonder whether it's too late for Microsoft to successfully take on Apple iPads and various Android tablets.

Vodafone UK chief slams Ofcom over 4G decision
By Marietta Cauchi LONDON -(MarketWatch)- Vodafone Group PLC's UK chief on Sunday has accused communications regulator Ofcom of "taking leave of its senses" by allowing Everything Everywhere to launch 4G services by the end of this year.

HTC One X For Sprint Details Surface, Rumored To Be Codenamed 'Jet' And ...
Android Police
The Jet is rumored to be Sprint's third LTE device (behind the Galaxy Nexus and LG Viper) and the successor to the groundbreaking EVO 4G. Thus, I wouldn't be surprised if we see this device hit

Google Nexus Tablet Expected in May 2012
It was by far the most successful launch any Android tablet had performed or the year, which ended up taking a little bite out of Apple's iPad market shares after it's launch. The Amazon Kindle Fire is by no means as robust and smooth as the iPad 2, ...


IoS letters, emails & online postings (18 March 2012)
The Independent
The parliamentary passage of the Health and Social Care Bill has been an embarrassment to democracy. Experts in health policy and the law have published evidence in leading peer-reviewed medical journals explaining how the Bill, despite amendments, ...

New iPad sans LTE costs Apple $316 to make - IHS teardown analysis
In the case of the new 32GB, 4G LTE iPad, IHS estimates the BOM to be $364.35 (manufacturing costs add another $10.75). That means the BOM is 50% of the $729 retail price of the 32GB LTE iPad. For the low end or entry level iPad with 16G and no LTE, ...


Nawras to roll out 4G services
Times of Oman
The company is currently demonstrating the latest 4G LTE technology for visitors to experience the superfast broadband at the Muscat Grand Mall. “We will be making a separate announcement on the launch later on,” Nawras CEO Ross Cormack, ...

Times of Oman

Why the Next iPhone Should Skip LTE
He's right, and that's why for the next version of the iPhone, probably due out in the fall and probably not to be called the iPhone 5, Apple should pass on the opportunity to add fourth-generation LTE wireless. At least with current radio technology ...

The top 50 Android phone apps | The Raw Story
By Stuart Dredge, The Observer
There is far more to smartphone life than Apple's iPhone. Google launched its Android software in 2008 and has since sold more than 300m of its smartphones; currently, more than 850000 are added to that number every day. More than ...
The Raw Story

Panasonic: Android-operated rice cookers? You got it, and for over ...
By Edgar Cervantes
Most of us are Android fans, but how many of us love rice, as well? Panasonic has decided to mix the best of both ... After downloading the app, one can simply modify the settings from a compatible smartphone. Settings include type of rice, ...
Android Phone Fans

How many signed up for broadband in 2011? — Broadband News ...
By Om Malik
The eighteen largest cable and telephone companies that account for 93 percent of thebroadband market added 3 million net subscribers during 2011, according to data from Leichtman Research Group, a Durham, NH-based market research ...

New 16GB Wi-Fi Apple iPad cost $316.05 to make says iSuppli
According to iSuppli, Apple cost to manufacture the 16GB Wi-Fi model of the new Apple iPad is $316.05. The tablet retails for $499 in the U.S. giving the Cupertino based firm a better than 50% margin on each unit sold. The 64GB LTE variant ...
Phone Arena - Latest News

It's the battery, stupid: The looming 4G smartphone crisis | PandoDaily
By Farhad Manjoo
The thing I like best about my smartphone is the absence of the thing I like least about it: I just want it to work, dammit, and when it doesn't—when I need to recharge it and I can't—it's worse than useless to me. This sounds obvious, right? ... John Gruber says it's possible that Apple may hold off LTE in the next iPhone if it can't figure out a way to maintain current battery life, but I really doubt it can risk delaying 4G any longer, given all the competition. If any company can figure out how to ...

Android apps targeted by malware -
By By Steve Johnson
Known instances of Android-related malware -- virtually all involving apps -- have jumped steadily month by month from 400 in June to 15507 in February, according to Sunnyvale security firm Juniper Networks. More about cybercrime, hacking ...

European Carriers Irritated by Apple's New iPad 4G Campaign ...
By Juli
One of the major selling points of Apple's newly released third generation iPad is its lightning fast 4G LTE connection speeds, a point that's been widely advertised by the company. In fact, it's one of the top four features that Apple advertises on ...

New OS X 10.8 beta adds iOS-like location-based reminders ...
By Mike Beasley
Interestingly, it appears the Mac itself will track your location when connected to Wi-Fi and alert you when you arrive at the specified location, just like an iPhone or iPad would. The reminders can also be synced over the air to iOS devices ...

DockXtender iOS Cable: Dock Without Docking - Technabob
By Lambert Varias
The inclusion of docks for iOS devices in many media players and other gadgets is great, but it's hard to use your gadget while it's docked. What will happen to your tiny tower's bitizens then? CableJive provides a solution to that problem the ...

German Wifi | Europe Forum | Fodor's Travel Talk Forums
By TheLadyBakes
A 2 year contract will cost 5€ per month but requires a German bank account. LTE/4G is available from Vodafone/T-mobile in the smaller towns, but on other frequencies than yours. An unlocked UMTS stick will cost you 15€. Report Abuse · bilboburgler on Mar 18, 12 at 10:42 AM. Generally German hotels are still charging for wifi (not ture for most of Europe) so expect to get ripped off unless you can use Macado (USA's deliverer of choice of cholesterol) etc as Logos mentions ...

An Alternative Task Manager For Android | Lifehacker Australia
By Logan Booker
If you're not entirely happy with the way your Android phone manages multi-tasking, a new app called Taskbar Task Switcher might be the answer. ... ... An Alternative Task Manager ForAndroid. Logan Booker Lifehacker AU Today 12:30 PM ...
Lifehacker Australia

Electric Duncan: Python for iOS
By Duncan McGreggor
I do a lot of traveling, and I don't always like to lug my laptop around with me. Even when I do, I'd rather leave it in the bag unless I absolutely need to get it out (or if I'm setting up my mobile workspace). As such, I tend to use my iPhone for just ...
Electric Duncan

Fix iOS Apps Stuck on “Waiting…” During Download & Install
By William Pearson
If you're trying to install a handful of iOS apps and your entire home screen is filled with app icons labeled “Waiting…” without any of the progress bars moving, downloading, or installing, you can fix this fairly easily with the two methods below.
OS X Daily

4G and LTE: the future of mobile broadband | News | TechRadar
4G and LTE: the future of mobile broadband There's now a 4G-capable iPad. ... Like the Samsung Infuse, the 4G version of the Motorola Atrix uses HSPA+ not LTE or WiMAX ...Multiplexing), the same transmission technology used by ADSL, Wi-Fi, DVB-T, DVB-H and DAB.... All the information on the HTC smartphone range ...

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