Apple iPhone 4S does NOT have 4G -- just a 4G icon!

Well, I guess Apple decided if they just put a 4G icon on the iPhone 4S that would satisfy everybody-- - technology: "Forget the icon, Apple iPhone 4S does not have 4G -Apple iPhone 4S begins showing 4G icon - Interestingly, this problem only exists for iPhone customers on AT&T. Those on Verizon are still seeing the correct 3G icon. AT&T and Verizon operate on different mobile network standards, and it’s unclear what exactly triggered this issue. But to be clear, the showing of a 4G symbol on the iPhone 4S is only a display issue and nothing else. No one with an iPhone 4S has the capability to connect to a 4G network. - SlashGear"

Apple iPhone 4S begins showing 4G icon
Apple iPhone 4S owners who don't realize that you can't suddenly turn a phone from a 3G device to a 4G device with a magical software update, are pretty excited to see that after downloading the new iOS update their phone now shows a 4G icon.


iOS 5.1 versus Ice Cream Sandwich: Which is the Better OS?
International Business Times
By Surojit Chatterjee: Subscribe to Surojit's RSS feed The two top players in the smartphone wars are going head-to-head for the hearts and minds of consumers with the newest versions of Androidand iOS – Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) and iOS 5.1.

Will You Get It on Google Play?
If you own an Android device, you're probably wondering what happened to the familiar old AndroidMarket. For most of us, the Market is gone, replaced by the new Google Play app. Google has not only rebranded the Market as the Google Play Store, ...

Apple's New iPad Faces Windows 8, Renewed Android Competition in 2012
It also supports 4G LTE. Following Apple's March 7 unveiling, outside analysts appeared roundly upbeat about the tablet's marketplace prospects. “We believe Apple will maintain its dominant market share of the fast-growing tablet market despite ...

Review: iPhoto for iOS out-does Adobe for mobile image editing
Ars Technica
By Chris Foresman | Published March 10, 2012 11:45 AM Apple released the final piece of its iLife suite for iOS on March 7, delivering a universal version of iPhoto for iPad and iPhone (sorry, iPod touch users). We spent some quality time with the app ...

Ars Technica

Israel's Any.DO to launch Android app for iPhone
DO, an application developed by an Israeli startup company, has made it into PC Magazine's top ten must have Android apps alongside Amazon's Kindle, Dropbox and Google Voice. Earlier this year, Any.DO was hailed as one of the top ten Android apps by ...

Android tablets: little headway against iPad
Christian Science Monitor
Android tablets, poised to challenge Apple's iPad a year ago, have largely fallen by the wayside. Here's why Android tablets and other tablet computers have a hard time against the iPad. By Peter Svensson, AP Technology Writer / March 10, ...

Christian Science Monitor

How Apple, Android, Microsoft differ in upgrade strategy
Economic Times
Of course it boasts some "revolutionary" and "magical" new features: super fast quad-core A5x chip, a retina display that beats your high-definition TV, 4G LTE capability for faster Net browsing, upgraded iMovie and iPhoto apps for video and photo ...

Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G: Max Storage, Minimum Price
Mobile bloom News
That smartphone is exclusive to the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE system, and retails for $99 at select Verizon authorized retailers with a standard two-year commitment and data plan. With the most built-in storage offered by any 4G smartphone, ...

Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket 4G sees price cut at online retailer
Mobile bloom News
If you happen to have AT&T for your wireless provider of choice, chances are you already are aware that the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket 4G is one of the best, if not the best Android-poweredsmartphone in the current lineup of the carrier at the ...

Timetable for LTE needs to be set: telecom operators
Taipei Times
The government needs to set a clear timetable for the use of high-speed 4G long-term evolution (LTE) technology, if Taiwan plans to play catch-up with other countries in East Asia, local telecom operators said. The operators made their appeal following ...

Android Market Chief Steps Down As Google Play Movies Into Spotlight
The Inquisitr
Google hasn't been as successful in creating revenue from its Google Market platform as Apple has for the iOS App Store. In fact Apple has generated six times more revenue because of its focus on paid apps and highlighting the iOS app platform.

The Inquisitr

Watch out for the Samsung Galaxy Note Studio
Philippine Star
MANILA, Philippines - After Samsung, one of the country's leading pioneers in technology, launched the Samsung Galaxy Note — the first tablet and smartphone hybrid in the market — fans and converts alike just could not get enough of this new ...

New iPad 3 Is Incompatible With International 4G LTE Networks
While the iPad 3 supports data transfer rates of up to 73 Mbps on LTE, these speeds will only ever be seen by American and Canadian customers with international users to be relegated to 3G speeds. The new iPad WiFi + 4G put up for pre-order in Europe ...


Eric Chu Steps Away From Overseeing Android's App Store, Jamie Rosenberg ...
There was more than meets the eye with this week's rebranding of Android Market as Google Play. Accompanying the new name and look is a shift in how the store is being managed. Eric Chu, who has worked on the Android team for four-and-a-half years, ...


Mika Mobile Drops Support For Android
By Zach Walton · 1 min ago · Leave a Comment There are some developers who have been successful in monetizing games on the Android operating system, but some developers have not found the same success. This is one of those developers.

Who's Winning the Smartphone Platform Wars?
Google closed out 2011 with nearly half of the US smartphone market, while Apple racked up 30% market share for the year. Android surged to the top largely thanks to price advantages -- the Android phone being more of a mass-market product and iOS a ...

Chinese official: We're not issuing 4G licenses for another two to three years
By Mat Smith posted Mar 11th 2012 12:13PM China isn't in a huge hurry get its own 4G network up and running, instead wanting to ensure the infrastructure is primed and enough compatible handsets are available before it launches.

4G LTE makes phones even more data driven
The Morning Sun
Byrnes said Metro PCS has recently upgraded its network in central Michigan to offer 4G LTEservice, and Metro PCS stores, like other providers, now are offering devices capable of taking advantage of that service. The term 4G LTE refers to fourth ...

The release notes for iOS 5.1
The results show that 35 percent of Apple fans think iOS 5.1 has improved the aforementioned battery life issues, with 18 percent claiming the issue has worsened and 23 percent seeing no difference (the remaining percentage haven't yet updated to iOS ...

Motorola Droid Razr Maxx Features Review: Now That's Power
Mobile bloom News (press release) (blog)
They designed their new Droid Razr Maxx Android handset to provide nearly triple the average 4G smartphone talk time from a single charge, while keeping the same exact feature set found in the Droid Razr. Achieving 4G best numbers in both single-charge ...

Used iPad trade-in values tumble after Apple unveils new tablet
On Friday, NextWorth said it was offering $215 for a 16GB Wi-Fi iPad 2 in "good" condition, down 23% from $278 on Monday, March 5, two days before Apple introduced the new iPad , a tablet with a higher-resolution screen and increased graphics ...

The new mobile platform wars: It's time to look beyond iOS vs. Android
If you're tired of the endless iOS versus Android market share reports, take heart: There are new issues, and new challengers, making 2012′s mobile landscape more complex and more important than ever before. Windows 8 is emerging as a viable threat to ...


Bella English: When your smartphone's smarter than you are
By Bella English What if you're dumber than your smartphone? My husband gave me an iPhone 4S for Christmas. I was quite happy with my old, uncool flip phone, just like I'm happy with my old, frayed address book. But my husband had a 4S, and I think he ...

Samsung Galaxy Note 4G Blurs the Lines between Tablet and Smartphone
Mobile bloom News (press release) (blog)
Samsung's new Galaxy Note Android smartphone delivers all those features 4G shoppers have come to expect in a high-end handset. Available in Ceramic White or Carbon Blue color, thesmartphone retails for $249 at select AT&T authorized retailers with a ...

A cinematic leap for the smartphone
Los Angeles Times
It's fine if you bring your smartphone. Within a few weeks, you'll be able to skip the box-office line and head straight to your seat by swiping your mobile device over a scanner. It can read the bar code of an electronic ticket purchased with an app ...

Los Angeles Times

Lost Your Smartphone? There's A ~90% Chance Some Bastard Will Access Your Data
Business Insider
Losing a smartphone won't just cost you the price of a new phone. A recent study shows that there's a strong likelihood it will cost you your privacy as well. There is a 96% chance that the finder of a lost cellphone will access the device, ...

Business Insider

Jailbreak iOS 5.1 now!
iOS hacker MuscleNerd has sent out a tweet confirming that iOS 5.1 has been jailbroken. A few issues though: it's a tethered jailbreak (for now) and only works with non-A5 devices such as the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. So, qualifying A4 iDevices include: ...


Samsung Epic Touch 4G Features Review: What You Need To Know
Mobile bloom News
The Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone has drawn the ire and attention of Apple's legal team, and the respect and admiration of 4G smartphone shoppers all around the globe. Samsung first released the device in Asia and Europe, and that particular handset ...

Sony Xperia S: Three Brings the Smartphone to UK
IBTimes UK
The smartphone is available on "pay as you go" and "pay monthly" options, according to Engadget. "With a striking display, this is an ideal smartphone for those looking for high-definition entertainment. Plus, as the only network to offer ...

IBTimes UK

Ask Engadget: Best AT&T smartphone for occasional tethering ...
By Daniel Cooper
Ask Engadget: Best AT&T smartphone for occasional tethering? By Daniel Cooper posted Mar 10th 2012 10:55PM. Feature. We know you've got questions, and if you're brave enough to ask the world for answers, here's the outlet to do so.

iOS users jump time zones during DST switch | TUAW - The ...
By Michael Rose
Odd behaviors have cropped up including alarm fouls on iOS, mistaken clocks on Snow Leopard and even Siri being confused about when DST actually starts. This year, despite substantial updates toiOS, there still appear to be a few kinks to ...
TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Developer says Android is 'unsustainable' -
By Tyler Holman
If Android wants to be more than the next best thing to iOS, Google's going to have to make it easier to work with and help foster an environment where users are willing to reward developers for their hard work. Otherwise, they might be looking ...

Eric Chu no longer in charge of Android Market/Google Play Store
By Raveesh Bhalla
Google's strategic move to rebrand Android Market, and it's various other content stores, and bring them all under a single roof of Google Play has. ... Eric Chu no longer in charge of AndroidMarket/Google Play Store ...
Android Phone Fans

Taskmind Android App Review - Collaboration Made Easy
By Alvin YbaƱez
Best Android Tablets vs New iPad · Best-7-inch-Android-tablets ... The Best Quad Core AndroidPhones of 2012 ... Android Everywhere: 10 Types of Devices That Android Is Making Better ...Motorola to add 300 to its Android team?
Android Authority

Lost Your Smartphone? There's A ~90% Chance Some Bastard Will ...
By Deborah Netburn, LA Times
Lost Your Smartphone? There's A ~90% Chance Some Bastard Will Access Your Data. Deborah Netburn, LA Times | Mar. 10, 2012, 8:53 PM | 880 | 4. A A A ... Android Inc. was the startup company that developed the initial Android OS. Google ...

iOS 5.1 Battery Life is Significantly Improved
By Paul Horowitz
Battery life has been an ongoing issue for some iOS 5 users, particularly those with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The recent iOS 5.1 update aimed to fix that with “improved battery life” mentioned in the release notes, but just how improved is it?
OS X Daily

NETRA, The $2 Device That Turns Your Smartphone Into An Eye ...
By Peter Murray
About two billion people worldwide suffer from visual impairments brought on by refractive errors when light entering the eye isn't properly focused. Uncorrected common refractive errors like nearsightedness and farsightedness are the second ...
Singularity Hub

Android Community Weekly: March 10, 2012 | Android Community
By Sam Koutroulakis
After the Google Play Store was rolled out to devices everywhere, it was breaking the Market for many Motorola devices. Fortunately, they've already pushed an update to v3.4.7 and it managed to fix the problem. And if you all have recently wondered where your Android Market went, it was replaced entirely, so you'll need to find it in your app drawer under Google Play Store. The HTC ... Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Verizon LTE Review Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Verizon LTE Review ...
Android Community

New Samsung Galaxy Series Names Trademarked |
By Ed Caggiani
is there an easy interface for downloading documents to a mac with a motorola xyboard 8.2 […]motorola Atrix; Re: HTC Desire S Android 2.3.5 Rolling Out With Sense 3.0. The new lock screen is excellent, it's much better. So easy to access ...
Android News, Rumours, and Updates

Battleheart And Zombieville USA Developer Quits Android, Calls It ...
By Logan Booker
So when developer Mika Mobile announced it was giving up on Android as a games platform, I instantly wondered how it would reflect not just on the game's creators, but Unity also. The developer's Battleheart currently has a score of 81 on review ... That doesn't explain why it remains profitable on iPhone, however, especially seeing as Battleheart and Zombievilla USA have four-plus star user ratings on iOS and Android. I haven't seen other developers dumping Android, so it's hardly...
Kotaku Australia

PalmAddicts: Twicca the Twitter Android client
By Sammual James McLoughlin
Morning PalmAddict readers from Milan, there is a new Twitter client for Android. "Twicca deserves the top spot, for its combination of a gorgeous UI, great filtering tools, and built-in features that will make you happy you have it installed.

Android Mobile Phones – What Is It Exactly?
By robinchong
Before we start to discuss the qualities of the most useful Android mobile phone, we first need to know just what Android telephones are.
Digg3 Article Directory

Android debugging on real device
By mkyong
This tutorial will show you how to debug Android application on a real Android-powered device (mobile phone). Tools and environment in this tutorial : Eclipse IDE 3.7 + ADT Plugin; Samsung Galaxy S2; Windows 7. Summary steps to debug ...

Google Maps - Android Apps on Google Play
Shop Android Apps; More .... Dean on March 10, 2012 (Motorola Defy with version 6.4.0) ... You are using a google android phone they already have all them ... Clarence on March 10, 2012 (HTC myTouch 4G with version 6.4.0) ... Allows an application to connect to and disconnect from Wi-Fiaccess points, and to make ...

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