Android, Samsung Boost Smartphones to New Sales Heights

Android, Samsung Boost Smartphones to New Sales Heights
Samsung and Apple may have staked out their claims at the front of the smartphone market, but behind them, the other players are jockeying for position. "Both HTC and RIM have seen their sales declining in past few quarters, and the challenges might ...

Smartphone review: Samsung Galaxy Note 2
New York Daily News
But, for one reason or another, they failed to truly captivate as Apple's revolutionarysmartphone did. The Razr Maxx was light as a feather, but relied on a dimwitted user interface. HTC's offerings featured stunning software but never found a ...

New York Daily News

Display shootout: Microsoft Surface RT vs. iPads vs. Android Tablets
Before Surface for Windows RT began shipping, Microsoft's Steven Bathiche said that "Microsoft has the best pixel rendering technology in the industry," subtly implying that the Surface display might be superior to the display in the iPad. Naturally ...

Blogger iOS App Gets iPad Support
PC Magazine
Google on Wednesday released updated versions of its free Blogger apps, adding support for theiPad and other improvements that should make it easier to blog on the go. "Inspiration for a new post can happen at any ... "With that in mind, we just ...

HTC Droid DNA: Full Review
LAPTOP Magazine
With a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the HTC Droid DNA is the first smartphone to feature an HDTV-sharp display in the U.S. And despite its 5-inch billboard of a display, this device is compact enough to be used with one hand. But the DNA is more ...

Windows Phone 8 Worthy Rival to Apple, Android
CIO Today
There's a lot to cheer for in Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 devices, despite their understudy status compared with Apple's iPhone and Google's Android phones. Despite a comparative dearth of apps for Windows Phone 8 devices, Microsoft is making steady ...

CIO Today

Texas Instruments Quits Smartphone, Tablet Chip Business TXN
Investor's Business Daily
Plus, device makers like Samsung and Apple (AAPL) are developing their own custom chips. The actions will result in annualized savings of about $450 million by the end of 2013, the Dallas-based company said Wednesday. Texas Instruments will take a ...

Google Nexus 4: Play Store debacle gives buyers the Backorder Blues
I wasn't exactly generous yesterday in my descriptions of the Google Play Store as it melted down for users first in Europe and then in the US trying to buy a new Nexus 4. It was a mess of the first degree and I continue to wonder why Google, arguably ...


RIM CEO hopes carriers do for BlackBerry 10 what they once did for Android
It sounds good on paper. But the challenges are mighty: even assuming that RIM launches BlackBerry 10 handsets without incident in early February and they are well received by the critics, it has been a long time since most people in the U.S. with even...


Samsung releases smaller, faster 64GB smartphone memory
PCWorld (blog)
Samsung on Thursday announced a new 64GB memory chip for smartphones and tablets, which it says is 20 percent smaller and a third faster than current technology. The company said its new 64GB eMMC (embedded multimedia card) reads data ...

Toshiba AT300SE 10.1-inch Android tablet: Aiming for entry level ...
By Rik Henderson
Toshiba has refreshed its 10.1-inch AT300 Android tablet, adding a new price tag that starts at £299.99. The Toshiba AT300SE is "designed with everyday and cost-concious customers in mind" and comes with Jelly Bean from the box.
Pocket-lint : Latest News

Dropcam's iOS app goes big, now optimized for iPad -- Engadget
By Mark Hearn
After establishing itself in the Android ecosystem with a native app, modern-day nanny cam outfit Dropcam has decided to optimize its service on the iPad, too. Users of the iPad 2, new iPad or theiPad mini can now view up to four Dropcam ...

Samsung Galaxy Camera hands-on and unboxing | Android ...
By Cory Gunther
The Samsung Galaxy Camera is a pretty impressive ummm device. Can't call it a tablet, but it sure can double as one being almost exactly like a 4.8-inch Galaxy device complete with everything we know and love about Android. Samsung's ...
Android Community

Verizon Galaxy Nexus Android 4.2 Update: Thoughts and ...
By Adam Mills
Earlier this week, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean started rolling out to owners of the Samsung Galaxy Nexusand the Nexus 7 tablet. Shortly after the roll out, my Nexus 7 received the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update and update that so far, has lived up to ...
Gotta Be Mobile

Android 4.2 on Nexus 7 has broken Bluetooth, users complain ...
By (Luke Westaway)
Android 4.2 Jelly Bean looks to have a flaw when it comes to Bluetooth communication. ... Very disappointed," while one glumly notes, "I may just return this Nexus as I just bought it and get aniPad." Meanwhile, on ... The Nexus 7 is mentioned frequently in the forum, but there are other devices running Android 4.2 or about to be running Android 4.2 -- namely the Samsung GalaxyNexus, the Google Nexus 4 and Nexus 10. ... I have the same issue on my tablet since the upgrade to 4.2.
Latest articles in Crave at CNET UK

Chinese Internet Users Welcome More 'Human' Leader
Wall Street Journal (blog)
We've made you all wait,” he said in an opening his first speech as the Communist Party's new head honcho – a greeting that was welcomed by Internet users unaccustomed to apologies, even if only implied, from their political leaders. “Honest and steadfast.

Wall Street Journal (blog)

SKorean Presidential Hopeful Vows Freer Internet
ABC News
While South Korea's broadband Internet is cheap, universal and fast, its web browsing environment has been criticized for limiting choices and being incompatible with the rest of the world. Experts said the excessive use of Active X also made South ...

Ireland 4G spectrum auction raises $1.1 bln
"We can now look forward to the rollout of much needed faster, fourth-generation 4G mobile internetservices which will maintain and boost this country's competitiveness," Rabbitte said. He did not give a timetable for 4G networks to be operational ...

Researchers offer possible fix for slow public Wi-Fi
PCWorld (blog)
Slow Wi-Fi connections in public places such as airports and cafes could be a thing of the past, thanks to researchers at North Carolina State University who have developed a new protocol that could speed up connections by up to 700 percent. Wi-Fi ...

Wi-Fi-only Kindle Fire HD 8.9 now shipping
Ars Technica (blog)
The Kindle Fire HD comes in 16GB or 32B configurations shipping today, while the 4G LTE-enabled version comes with 32GB or 64GB of storage and will ship on November 20. Prices start at $299 for the 16GB Wi-Fi-only model, going up to $599 for the 64GB...

Ars Technica (blog)

RIM Offers Free Voice Calls Over Wi-Fi With BBM
Business Insider
BlackBerry users will be able to make free voice calls over a Wi-Fi network using the popular BBM messaging service. Research In Motion Ltd. announced Wednesday that it's adding the feature to BBM. Users will be able to switch back and forth from a ...

Business Insider

Music industry protests Pandora and Internet Radio Fairness Act
According to online music provider Pandora the legislation will help end the discrimination against internet radio. Pandora claims they have paid considerably more in performance royalties than satellite radio provider SiriusXM and the legislation is ...

Broadband access increasing in Minnesota
Broadband access increasing in Minnesota. BEMIDJI – Minnesota is making progress toward itsbroadband access goals, but a new study suggests Internet speed could be an issue in rural areas of the state in the future. By: John Hageman, Bemidji Pioneer, ...

Cricket Brings the Popular 4G Samsung Galaxy S III to its Growing Line-Up of ...
Sacramento Bee
"The Samsung Galaxy S III is a revolutionary 4G LTE smartphone and will be available at Cricket in time for the holidays," said Matt Stoiber, senior vice president of devices for Cricket. "As we continue to expand our 4G LTE network, the Galaxy S III ...

LTE: fast, global, silenced by a $650 radio jammer -- Engadget
By Sharif Sakr
A research group at Virginia Tech is claiming that, due to the particular way 4G data is transmitted, an LTE base station can be sabotaged using lightweight equipment that costs as little as $650. Such a thing is possible because, unlike 2G and ...

Cricket announces LTE-capable LG Optimus Regard, Galaxy S III ...
By Mat Smith
CDMA-based Cricket has announced its first LTE smartphones, launching the Optimus Regard this week, while that rather popular Samsung Galaxy S III will shake hands with the carrier's new 4Gnetwork on November 23rd. The Optimus ...
Engadget Mobile

WiFox “Congestion Handler” Could Speed Up Wi-Fi Without ...
By John Biggs
In practice, most Wi-Fi routers offer much less than their advertised speeds. Although I've seen some fast throughput in my time, most of the gear we use is rated for much higher than network traffic will allow. Some researchers at NC State ...

Researchers Develop New Protocol That Boosts WiFi Performance ...
By Matt Brian
Conferences, airports, cafes – they might offer free WiFi to visitors, but they are often sluggish in their operation because everyone else is hogging the connection. This issue might become a thing of the past, after a team of engineers at NC State University (NCSU) announced the development of WiFox (via ExtremeTech), a new software protocol that could theoretically be added to existingInternet routers and is capable of boosting WiFi performance by 700 percent. Traditionally ...
The Next Web

First Pre-Orders of LTE iPad Mini and Fourth-Generation iPad ...
By Eric Slivka
In line with tracking information, a number of U.S. customers who pre-ordered LTE models of the iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad have either already received their shipments this morning or are seeing their packages out for delivery.
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

AdTrap - The internet is yours again by Chad Russell — Kickstarter
Chad Russell is raising funds for AdTrap - The internet is yours again on ... is that it's browser ...

Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 - Download
Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7, free download. Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 10.0.9200.16438: Internet Explorer 10 finally comes to Windows 7.

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