Ron Paul: The Internet is the savior of liberty

Ron Paul's Farewell Address: The Internet Can Stop Big - TechCrunch
By Gregory Ferenstein
Ron Paul, is bidding farewell to Congress and has a call-to-arms for his legions of tech-savvy followers: The Internet is the savior of liberty. “The internet will provide the alternative to the government/media complex that controls the news and ...

Windows 8 in Health Care: 10 Apps for Doctors, Patients and Researchers: "With the introduction of Windows 8 on Oct. 26, health IT has a new environment in which to develop resources and clinical applications. Among the more than 10,000 apps in the Windows Store are several that are geared toward health. Windows 8 apps are designed to run across multiple devices, including laptops, desktops, tablets and Windows Phone 8 handsets. Windows 8 devices allow users to interact with the OS through touch, a keyboard and a mouse, Dennis Schmuland, chief health strategy officer for U.S. Health and Life Sciences at Microsoft, told eWEEK. "

Internet is parents' worst nightmare
Sydney Morning Herald
For children, the internet is the big enlarger. Whether it is information or entertainment, today's young people literally have their world at their fingertips. But there's a dark side, too, and it is alarming many parents - often not nearly as tech ...

Sydney Morning Herald

Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 10 browser for Windows 7
Chicago Daily Herald
The redesigned browser, Internet Explorer 10, made its debut last month when Microsoft released Windows 8, which makes dramatic changes to an operating system that has been powering PCs for decades. Advertisement. Internet Explorer 10 initially is ...

iPad Mini with 4G comes to AT&T, Sprint and Verizon but ... (blog)
When the iPad Mini first appeared in stores along with the full-size fourth-generation iPad, they came in the Wi-Fi-only configuration. Those who wanted an iPad Mini that ran on a super-fast 4G LTEcellular network had to wait, like, 1000 million hours ...

Russia demands broad UN role in Net governance, leak reveals
CNET (blog)
commentary The Russian Federation is calling on the United Nations to take over key aspects of Internet governance, including addressing and naming, according to documents leaked on Friday from an upcoming treaty conference. The Russians made their ...

More NFL stadiums getting free Wi-Fi – what about CenturyLink?
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
The sheer number of people fighting for cell phone service and Internet can make for excruciating waits when it comes to your smartphone. Some fans have already expressed displeasure over the lack of Wi-Fi. The influence of Wi-Fi in the NFL is growing ...

Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)

AT&T Eyes Data Growth With $14 Billion Network Overhaul
The largest telecom provider in the U.S. recently announced a 3-year $14 billion network investment plan that will not only help expand its 4G LTE network to new markets but also improve network quality and increase spectrum efficiency. While a ...

Internet abuse rife among cops
The Australian
More than 20 officers routinely breached internet policy by spending hours on gambling websites and even looking at "mail-order brides", according to a source. The operations nerve centre at the Midland Communications complex handles all emergency 000 ...

Songwriters oppose Pandora-backed Internet royalty bill
The Hill (blog)
The heads of the National Music Publishers' Association, Nashville Songwriters Association International and the Church Music Publishers Association on Friday came out against a bill backed by Pandora that would place Internet radio services on the ...

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