Nokia Now Seventh in Smartphone Market

Nokia Slips to Seventh in Smartphone Market - " . . . Nokia, once at the top of the smartphone and overall mobile-phone market, has failed to keep up with rivals after betting on Microsoft Corp.'s MSFT -0.32% platform for its high-end smartphones, while using Symbian for more basic devices. Microsoft and Symbian together accounted for 5% of the operating systems used in smartphones in the third quarter, Gartner said. Google's open Android platform remained the dominant operating system for smartphones, as its market share rose to 72.4% from 52.5% a year earlier, Gartner said. Third-quarter world-wide mobile-phone sales to end-users fell 3.1% year-to-year to about 428 million units, Gartner said. Within this shrinking market, Nokia's share slipped to 19.2% from 23.9%, while Samsung took the top spot with 22.9% of all handsets sold world-wide, up from 18.7% a year earlier, thanks largely to demand for its Galaxy smartphones, Gartner said. Apple was the third-biggest vendor in the wider mobile-device market, as its market share increased to 5.5% from 3.9%, Gartner added. . . . "

Google's blazingly fast Internet goes live in Kansas City
Meanwhile, Demarais said that on an Ethernet connection, he's seen consistent Google Fiber speeds of 600 to 700 Mbps, with Wi-Fi topping out around 200 Mbps. Even at the slower wireless speeds, that's more than an order of magnitude faster than what ...

Showing Off a Tablet's Graphical Powers, Android Style
New York Times
I realized this when I saw my 2-year-old son pick up an iPad and master its basic controls, including discovering a child's app, in about half an hour. The iPad led the way into this brave new world more or less alone at first. It has taken until now ...

Who wins the battle for Verizon's top phablet of 2012?
Verizon Wireless customers now have three options should they be in the market for a 5-inch Android experience. The latest ... But as compelling as each smartphone is, only one can come out on top. So let's ... This problem will be compounded once the ...

Samsung hopes Galaxy Note will rub off on enterprise
At yesterday's Samsung Galaxy Note II launch in Sydney, the vendor's Director for Enterprise and SMB Andre Obradovic told ZDNet that the enterprise clients he has spoken to are all excited about the half-smartphone half-tablet device range, or as many ...


Samsung Denies Claims of Price Hikes for iOS Device Chip ...
By Eric Slivka
Conflicting reports about possible price hikes by Samsung come as the company has indicated that it is not interested in settling the patent dispute with Apple. HTC and Apple settled their dispute in an agreement announced this weekend.
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

10-inch Android tablet tussle: Nexus 10 vs Samsung Galaxy Note ...
By Russell Holly
The Nexus 10 exists as the flagship 10-inch tablet from Google and runs the latest software, whileSamsung is still in the process of updating the Galaxy Note 10.1 Android 4.1, the previous version of the OS. Version 4.2 of Android offers a key ...

Google vs. Samsung | asymco
By Horace Dediu
There are many questions of course: Is Samsung's trajectory sustainable? Why aren't there other vendors successful with Android? Why isn't Google successful with Android? Why isn't Google'sMotorola successful with Android? What would ...

iPad Expected to Lose Market Share to Android in 2013
Singh stressed that the trend will continue, with the market share owned collectively by Androidtablets due to surpass the iPad's during the first half of 2013. When analyzing market trends, Singh found that the pace of growth in Android tablet ...
News Tom's Hardware

MightyText, The iMessage For Android Users, Launches Its First ...
By Rip Empson
Not surprisingly, by offering a solution that enables Android users to send SMS, MMS and make calls anytime, from anywhere, MightyText has grown quickly in the months following its launch. ...Arora tells us that this has been the most- requested feature from its users over the past several months, especially as they're beginning to see a serious uptick in the amount of people buyingNexus 7 and Kindle tablets and who are now beginning to use the tablets as their primary device.

Attention shoppers: Patch Internet Explorer immediately before you shop online
Today is the eleventh Patch Tuesday of 2012, but the first since the official launch of Windows 8 and Windows RT. There are six new security bulletins—a couple of which are particularly urgent, especially for anyone planning to do any online shopping ...

UAE tightens Internet law, cracks down on bloggers
CNET (blog)
Government crackdowns on Internet dissidents and bloggers in the United Arab Emirates have finally come to a head. The government made sweeping changes yesterday to the laws that govern what the country's citizens can and can't do on the Web, ...

Apparently Internet Access Is Now A Human Right
Banning anyone from the internet is an “unreasonable” restriction, two appeal court judges have ruled, suggesting that access to a computer at home has become a basic human right. That report coming from the Guardian and they're rather over-egged the ...

Future of Music 2012: A fight over Internet radio scraps
Chicago Tribune
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- There were moments Tuesday during the annual Future of Music Summit where the conversation about revenue in the digital music industry sounded like a scrum over crumbs, a desperate fight over an increasingly shrinking pie.

New BBM 7 gets Wi-Fi voice calls
BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) version 7 will allow users to place voice calls to other BBM contacts over a Wi-Fi connection for free. According to CrackBerry, BBM users will see a split-screen view while on a call, and still be able to use other apps ...


LTE RAN Market Almost Tripled in 3Q12, Not Enough to Offset Slower 2G/3G ...
Sacramento Bee
RAN equipment sales that started to weaken in the latter part of 2011, continued to affect total mobile RAN revenues during the third quarter of 2012, driven by a technology mix shift from 3G to 4G, lower average selling prices, more network ...

Internet Activists on Red Alert Ahead of United Nations Conference
By Alex Fitzpatrick
Digital activists are asking citizens to urge their governments to prevent a United Nations body from taking control over Internet governance.
Mashable » US & World

How the Internet is Shaping Our "Global Brain" - Tiffany Shlain ...
By Tiffany Shlain
It's also how we should think about the way the Internet is developing, and about the way our choices in how we use technology are shaping this global brain. For both the brain and the Internet, networks are always binding us in new ways and ...

EarthLink completes fiber broadband rollout in Eastern Tennessee ...
By Jamie Rigg
That would've been the case if 'the King' was of this generation, as the state he called home is pretty well wired these days, and even more so now EarthLink has completed its "Eastern TennesseeBroadband Project. ... EarthLink Carrier will also provide broadband interconnection to other carriers including last mile providers at speeds up to 10Gbps. Signed agreements are already in place between EarthLink and Morristown Fibernet for 1000M of dedicated Internet access and Twin ...

The Internet is a Series of Tubes
By Alex Tabarrok
The senator called it a “series of tubes” rather than pipes. I actually got into a heated argument with some friends over whether that was a dumb analogy or not. I said it was close enough for an explanation on traffic issues. He would have ...
Marginal Revolution

Analysis: Internet marketing was breakout star of 2012 campaign ...
By Scott Bomboy
It appears that Internet marketing via social media was the big winner in Election 2012, in a game changer from President Barack Obama's campaign that echoes TV's importance in the 1960 presidential contest. The 2012 general election ...
Constitution Daily

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