Apple Settles Patent Suit With HTC

Apple Settles Patent Suit With HTC
New York Times (blog)
Apple's battle with HTC had a much lower profile than its legal fight with Samsung, a more significant rival in the smartphone market and the biggest maker of handsets based on Google'sAndroid operating system. In August, a jury ... biography of him ...

Nexus 4 vs HTC Droid DNA: Android Jelly Bean craze to start before Thanksgiving
November 11, 2012, 9:25 A.M., Sunday, New York local time — Verizon Wireless to launch a newAndroid Jelly Bean smartphone wrapped with HTC branding, can it outsell Google's new Nexus 4 LG Android Jelly Bean 4.2 smartphone? Oh yes, Verizon is on ...

Lenovo Aims to Dominate Smartphone and Tablet Markets, Too
Motley Fool
Lenovo "LePhone" smartphones now rank second in smartphone market share in China, behindSamsung. Lenovo also sells a "Yoga" brand laptop that converts into a tablet and runs Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT ) Windows 8. And new models of smartphones ...

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: Early bird catches market share
After the Apple Maps brouhaha and the iPhone 5 supply problem, Apple's reign as the most popularsmartphone maker is being challenged by a phone maker that offers phones with plastic coating,Samsung Mobile. ... Speaking of the iPhone 5, the research ...

iPad 4, Mini LTE ship date arrives with iOS 6.0.1
Product Reviews
Apple iPad Mini 4G LTE shipping with iOS 6.0.1 – we've been running the iOS 6.0.1 update on our iPad mini for a number of days now, and while we didn't notice any problems previously, the good news is there are no issues after installing the latest ...

Product Reviews

Windows Phone 8 offers relief from carrier bloatware
Microsoft's Windows Phone devices may come loaded with several carrier apps, but the great thing is that they can all easily be uninstalled so that buyers get a pure Windows Phone experience.Android devices are the worst with LOTS of junk loaded on ...

PengPod, A Dual-Booting Android and Linux Tablet
Hot Hardware
True, the Android operating system is based on Linux, but many dyed-in-the-wool Linux users would prefer a tablet running “real” Linux, which is exactly what Peacock Imports is trying to do with its line of PengPod Linux tablets. The short but sweet ...

Hot Hardware

ASUS and Google offer voucher for early Nexus 7 adopters
With Google dropping the price of the Nexus 7 after the Android event, showing off the new line ofNexus devices and new, more powerful Nexus 7 offerings, they will give early adopters a voucher to spend for their early purchase. ASUS, the manufacturer ...

Apple and HTC settle global patent battle
Chicago Tribune
Since Apple first sued HTC, its smartphone patent war has engulfed competitors like SamsungElectronics Co Ltd and Google's Motorola Mobility unit. The iPhone maker won a $1.05 billion verdict against Samsung in August, while litigation against ...

Does HTC Deal Mean End to Apple's Patent Dispute With Android ...
By Ina Fried
Though Apple and HTC have hardly been chummy, the company's biggest strategic battles are against Samsung and Google (which now owns Motorola). By making peace with a struggling HTC, Apple could boost the Taiwanese phone ...

Apple and HTC settle patent suit | Android Central
By Phil Nickinson
The licensing deal covers all of HTC's products, company spokesman Jeff Gordon told AndroidCentral this evening, which includes Android as well as its current Windows Phone stable. Gordon also said that "we do not ... the HTC EVO 4G LTE. That took some of the wind of the sails for those two devices, at least in the smartphone world, even though the EVO 4G LTE only missed its scheduled launch date by a week, and the HTC One X never really disappeared from store shelves.
Android Central - Android Forums,...

HTC and Apple settle patent issues, agree to 10-year licensing deal ...
By Craig Lloyd
HTC and Apple have just announced that they're settling all of their patent disputes, and have agreed to a 10-year licensing deal with one another, as well as.
Android Community

Android Overload: Nexus 7 deals, Nexus 4 and 10 launch details, T ...
By Edgar Cervantes
Motorola announces Jelly Bean for Droid RAZR M, talks a... Samsung Captivate ... Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 now availab... Verizon now saying ... ASUS refunding Nexus 7 owners in Europe for purchases p... Notion Ink ...
Android Phone Fans

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