Apple not in China's smartphone top five

Apple not in China's smartphone top five
According to research firm, Canalys, Apple isn't even ranked in the top five for China's smartphone market for Q3. The report ... Apple strives to be a high-margin company focused on upscale customers who can afford the "cool factor" (that may be ...


Apple ordered to pay Samsung legal fees for 'misleading' UK notice
Apple Insider
Apple ordered to pay Samsung legal fees for 'misleading' UK notice. By Mikey Campbell. In a UK court ruling on Friday, Apple was ordered to pay Samsung's legal fees after the company was found to have not complied with a previous determination ...


As Apple's Battle With HTC Ends, Smartphone Patent Fights Continue
New York Times
Apple has shut down one front in what Steven P. Jobs, the company's late chief executive, once described as a thermonuclear legal war against Android, Google's mobile operating system. But a wider truce in the patent battles engulfing the mobile ...

Starbucks, Amazon and Google to face UK lawmakers over tax
LONDON (Reuters) - UK lawmakers will quiz executives of Starbucks (SBUX.O), Google (GOOG.O) and Amazon (AMZN.O) on Monday about how they have managed to pay only small amounts of tax in Britain while racking up billions of dollars worth of sales ...

Ballmer says Microsoft Surface sales off to 'modest' start
But demand for the tablet through Microsoft's sales channels was apparently high enough to trigger a shortage of the $499 model online for more than a week, when it was listed as "out of stock". Ballmer did not disclose sales numbers to the French ...

Google Outage Shows Business Risks in China
Wall Street Journal
BEIJING—Disruptions to Google Inc.'s Web-search and email services in China over the weekend underscore the uncertainty surrounding Beijing's effort to control the flow of information into the country, as well as the risks that effort poses to the ...

Wall Street Journal

RIM to launch new BlackBerry software Jan. 30
Research in Motion (RIM) CEO Thorsten Heins speaks during the BlackBerry Jam 2012 conference at the San Jose Convention Center on September 25, 2012 in San Jose, California. (Photo: Justin Sullivan ... The announcement comes as the company struggles in ...

Nexus 4: A beautiful, but hopelessly crippled, powerhouse (review)
the Nexus 4 will be a delight. It's nowhere near a revolutionary Android phone, but LTE aside, it's a decent upgrade over the Galaxy Nexus. It also fits nicely in Google's newNexus lineup, which includes the Nexus 7 tablet released earlier this year ...


Microsoft to deliver SharePoint apps for Windows 8, Windows Phone, iOS ...
Microsoft to deliver SharePoint apps for Windows 8, Windows Phone, iOS starting in early 2013. Summary: Microsoft is readying two new companion apps for SharePoint that will work on Windows 8, Windows Phone and iOS devices starting early next year.

India gets $US25 Android tablet
The long-awaited low cost Aakash 2 tablet from UK firm Datawind has finally been officially launched in India, complete with several new hardware enhancements which the government will be hoping helps spur student learning. The Aakash 2, which is ...

Samsung Reportedly Hits Apple with 20% Price Increase for iOS Device Chips
Mac Rumors
MarketWatch reports on an article from Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo claiming thatSamsung has hit Apple with a 20% price increase on the A-series chips used to power Apple's iOS devices. "Samsung Electronics recently asked Apple for a significant price ...

Mac Rumors

With iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, has America already won the ...
Unwired View
Right now, nearly every single one of the nearly 200 million smartphones that sell each single quarter are made by Android, which is owned by Google, or iPhone, made by Apple. Canada's RIMcontinues to sell about 5% of the total number of devices ...

Apple, HTC Patent Feud Ends; Verizon Teases HTC Droid DNA; Gmail Exposes ...
PC Magazine
Also, a brand-new HTC smartphone is making its way to Verizon and, at this point, the company might as well announce the details of the entire thing given how much it's spoiled about the Droid DNA thus far. In other news, the downfall of famed four ...

Reform and the Internet, With Chinese Characteristics
New York Times
CHINA's MANAGEMENT OF THE INTERNET over the last few days has not been encouraging for those who want to believe the leadership will push reforms. Beijing blocked access to many Google services and thwarted usage of Virtual Private Networks, ...

New York Times

UK Finally Gets Its Act Together on 4G
Wall Street Journal (blog)
The U.K. is finally getting its act together when it comes to delivering super fast broadband on mobile phones and tablet computers after years of under investment and infighting between the mobile operators. Having been the ... While 4G will deliver ...

How NASA's Interplanetary Internet Phones Home From the Heavens
How NASA's Interplanetary Internet Phones Home From the Heavens How do you remotely drive a small LEGO robot sitting on a desk in Germany from the ISS? With the internet, of course—the only problem is getting a decent Wi-Fi signal in low earth orbit.

Internet Explorer 10 preview for Windows 7 could be available tomorrow
Microsoft may well be releasing the preview version of Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 tomorrow, if tech blog ifanr has got it right. A Weibo post from the Chinese site claims that Roger Capriotti, Director of Product Marketing for IE, announced the ...

Google Free Zone Offers Free Internet Connectivity For Feature Phones
Hot Hardware
Google's always had a fetish for free or low-cost Internet access, and continuing that philosophy is a new service the sultan of search is experimenting with. It's called "Free Zone" and it's intended to offer users in emerging markets access to ...

Hot Hardware

On the Internet, Assume Everybody's a Dog
Slate Magazine
A document of cruel self-delusions, an index of unusual realities, virtually a postscript to the body of Western literature about romantic love, and an extraordinarily fine opportunity to exult in the suffering of your fellow human beings, Catfish is a ...

Slate Magazine

Super Wi-Fi likely to see success first in Asia
With an impending spectrum crunch, telcos are expected to increasingly look toward Super Wi-Fi to not only deliver current offerings but also target new services and markets. What's more, the technology is likely to see most success in Asia with the ...

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