Dumb Phones Have A Market

If you have good internet at home (and a good computer/tablet), and do not travel, you really don't need a smartphone--

My Dumb Phone Experiment: Phase Two | MIT Technology Review: ". . . It’s bothersome to me that even in shedding my iPhone, connectivity seems downright inescapable. It is as though even the lowest of low-end phones see Facebook, Twitter, and email connectivity as their birthright. If this phone proves to be a distraction, I don’t know what I’ll do – I may begin to shop around at Verizon or T-Mobile stores, to see if they have anything “dumber” to offer. I may turn to eBay for vintage models, if any are still supported. I may beg Fred Stutzman, the maker of Freedom, the Internet-disabling app, to enter into negotiations with Apple to make his app available on their devices . . ."

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