Samsung Tizen an Android competitor

Tizen--another smartphone OS--means more fragmentation in the smartphone OS market:

Is Tizen an Android killer in Asia?: " . . . Tizen, the pliable OS. Samsung and Intel may be spearheading its development, but they've been joined by a conglomeration of Asian telecoms, including Huawei, KT Corporation, NTT Docomo, and SK Telecom. These firms have their thumbs to the wind – and their noses to profit – and it's leading them away from Google. Tizen --due to ship on Samsung devices later this year -- will retain Android's more desirable features, like the low price tag and the cross-compatibility between markets, but it will also leave room for regional adaptation, and allow for synergy with a wide range of content providers. Its similarity to Android means that applications will port easily. With Samsung's size, the company shouldn't have much difficulty convincing developers to make that happen. Despite Tizen's clear advantages overseas, analysts in the US tend to portray it as a response to Google's purchase of Motorola Mobility. The theory goes that, with talk of a Google X phone, and speculation that new releases of Android will be strategically timed, manufacturers are worried about the platform's neutrality. This may be true, but there's a more immediate reason for Google's clients to look for an (at least partial) exit: Android is hurting their bottom line, in the international markets that happen to be growing the fastest. . . ."

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