Samsung prepares for life after Android

Life after Android for Samsung means Tizen and probably a forked Android OS--

With Galaxy S4, Samsung prepares for life after Android | Mobile - CNET News: " . . . "We wanted to talk about the Samsung experience," Ryan Bidan, director of marketing for Samsung Telecommunications America and the main speaker during the launch festivities, told CNET on sidelines of the launch. "While Android is important, in the context of this conversation, we didn't feel it was relevant." Indeed, Samsung is attempting to steer the conversation away from Android and toward its own brand. . . . The first Tizen phones will appear later this year, and carriers such as Japan's NTT Docomo and France's Orange have committed to selling the devices. In the U.S., Sprint Nextel is part of the trade group supporting Tizen, but has yet to commit to selling the phone. Samsung, meanwhile, is putting a lot of weight behind the phone, with one executive putting it in the same stratosphere as the Galaxy S4 and the next Galaxy Note as flagship devices for the year. NTT Docomo and Orange have already said they consider Tizen to be a platform for higher end devices. Samsung has yet to prove it can be a software company, despite shifting its focus to that area last year and hiring tons of software engineers. But with Tizen, the company has a burgeoning operating system with growing support from carriers and other vendors. When paired with Samsung's marketing heft, that makes for a powerful combination. . . . " (read more at link above)

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