Google to ship LTE Chromebook Pixel by April 8 - LTE pricing

Need a good notebook--with a ton of cloud storage? Chromebook Pixel may be your answer--

Google to ship LTE Chromebook Pixel by April 8; here’s the LTE service pricing — Tech News and Analysis: " . . . The $150 premium for the LTE model also includes a small bit of LTE service: 100 MB each month for two years. After that, it will cost an additional amount for mobile broadband service on Verizon’s LTE network. I spoke with a Google representative a few weeks back to verify this no-contract plan pricing for the Chromebook Pixel: $9.99 = an unlimited day pass $20 = 1 GB good for one month $35 = 3 GB good for one month $50 = 5 GB good for one month Given that the LTE model can still use any Wi-Fi hotspot, including one created by a smartphone, having these pay-as-you-go plans are a reasonable way to ensure connectivity in a pinch on the Pixel. Even better: I was told that the Pixel can also be added to an existing Verizon Share Everything plan for $10 per month. . . ." read more at link above

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