Enterprise Mobility Predictions For 2013

7 Enterprise Mobility Predictions For 2013 - Mobility - Smartphones -: "5. HTML5 Apps Will Become More Popular - The variety of mobile operating systems poses potential difficulty for developers. IDC and Appcelerator found that app builders are predictably enthusiastic about iOS and, to a slightly lesser extent, Android. Developers also showed strong interest in HTML5; it was the only platform besides iOS and Android that more than 60% of developers expressed intentions about. HTML5 isn't perfect but it's accessible and boasts support from some of tech's biggest names. As cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) gain popularity, Gartner sees HTML5 apps supplanting native versions as the primary delivery method for mobile content. At least one of the programming language's appeals is obvious: Because apps are accessed through browsers, they don't have to be re-written for each OS. Third-party tools such as IBM's Worklight already serve this purpose, but HTML5 offers a simple, cost-free and familiar pathway. Vendors such as ionGrid have started marketing app deployment around the browser approach. Native apps aren't going away. Gartner notes that they'll continue to offer a more sophisticated and satisfying experience, and anyone who's endured shoddy network coverage can appreciate that browser-based apps can impede productivity as much as accelerate it. Nevertheless, expect to see HTML5 among the most commonly requested developer skills in 2013."

The Places You’ll Go - James Fallows - The Atlantic: "We think there will be a new literature from the mapping dictionary that’s now being built. There’s an Android app we’ve released called Field Trip. You download it, and it says, “I don’t want to bother you, so how often should I talk to you?” You tell it “all the time” or “rarely” or whatever, and then you turn off your phone and put it in your pocket and don’t think about it again. Then when you’re walking around, say in Washington, D.C., the phone will buzz and say, “You are 25 feet from an accurate map of 2,700 solar objects. If you go over there to the Einstein Memorial, you can see them.” Or you might be walking down the street and it will beep and say, “The rowhouse one block to the left is the No. 1–rated Greek restaurant within 500 miles,”. . .  "

Android challenges the iPhone in every category | Apple - CNET News: "Beyond Google's apps, the reality of the app market is that all of the applications that matter are now on Android, and it actually will soon have more apps than iOS. Dan Lyons of ReadWrite is lambasting the Silicon Valley tech press for living in an iPhone echo chamber, and he does have a point. Pundits are lauding Google Maps features on their iPhones that have been available on Android devices for literally years. Bloggers breathlessly reveal new Facebook iPhone app features such as "Find Friends Nearby" that had been available for over a month on Android. The feedback loop of the echo chamber is that developers initially develop apps on iOS, much like the recently popular Cinemagram. However, developers like Rottman like cool devices, and are starting to shift over to Android."

Activist Post: The PirateBox and Internet Freedom: "The PirateBox is software that can be used to turn your WiFi enabled computer into a local router. It can also be used to make actual "PirateBoxes," which are stand-alone devices that likewise create a local network. The advantage of a local network, not connected to the Internet, is that you can file share and communicate your way around the draconian restrictions and regulations being increasingly put into place on the Internet."

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