Future Google OS - Android or Chrome?

Android or Chrome? Will Google ever decide on one OS? | Mobile - CNET News: " . . .  the convergence is coming. But to be perfectly honest, it's hard to pick a single winner. And it's more likely that the technologies will migrate toward each other. "For Google, I suspect the convergence will come as the Web programming foundation matures," Stephen said. "Mobile apps often use Web technology under the covers, but not for sophisticated or performance-sensitive computing tasks. As it gets better, more and more programming can be migrated to use the Web engine built into mobile devices. The Web is a powerful technological force because of its universality, but it's just not ready yet to take on iOS." What does this mean for you and which products should you be buying now? The answer to that question depends on what you plan to do with your device. The value proposition of a Chromebook is that it's an inexpensive laptop/netbook with an actual keyboard. The device is somewhat more limited than a regular laptop. You can only access cloud-based applications, and you must have an Internet connection to do anything. It's essentially a Web-based work station. It's terrific in environments where you are assured of a Net connection. By contrast, Android is made for running native applications that were developed for mobile devices. And these devices are great for consuming content. If you want to download a movie you can always watch it offline. If you plan on using the new device for work to create documents, spreadsheets or anything like that then the Chromebook is still a better choice. But if most of your activities include consuming content like watching movies, listening to music, reading electronic books, playing games or viewing pictures, then an Android tablet may be a better choice. . . . "

Apple and Android tablets to make enterprise land grab this year | TechRepublic: "Growth in sales of Android and Apple tablets to business will significantly outstrip that of Wintel PCs and tablets this year, according to a new report. Apple and Android tablets will make significant inroads into enterprise this year while sales of Wintel PCs and tablets will remain flat."

Only one company can solve Apple’s mapping woes quickly (and it’s not Waze) | VentureBeat: "“Owning a digital map these days and especially in the future is an incredibly valuable resource. It’s very hard to copy and very fundamental to everything, particularly in an era of mobile solutions and mobile data,” Thielking says. “That is why Google is doing what they’re doing … and it’s one of the reasons why Apple is in this space.” Apple wanted to trump Google’s mapping product, but blew it in terms of recognizing the massive complexity of any mapping product, Thielking told me. All of which means that if there’s any company that Apple might or should be looking to acquire, it would be TomTom. . . ."

Will the Developing World’s Smartphones Have Intel's New "Lexington" Chip Inside? | MIT Technology Review: "“Many [smartphones based on the new chip] will be sold into emerging geographies such as Latin America, Africa, China, South East Asia,” said Bell. “First-time buyers in these markets will be thrilled with the features and performance they get from these devices.” Low-cost smartphones have already begun selling in large numbers in Africa and elsewhere (see “Android Marches on East Africa”). However, those models have been built on processors significantly less advanced than those used in high-end smartphones. Intel believes its new processor will strike the right balance between price and performance. The company has already signed up Kenyan network Safaricom and Chinese manufacturer Acer to use the new chip."

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