Madware ads plague Android users

Madware ads plague Android users: "That's because software application developers and online advertising networks are scrambling to earn profits from the vast and growing audience of mobile device users. So they are experimenting with intrusive forms of mobile advertising — with no industry standards, nor U.S. privacy laws to constrain them, Internet analysts say. "The problem is getting worse, not better," says Paul Ferguson, vice president of threat intelligence at IID, a security firm that monitors Internet traffic. "App developers and ad networks want to make money, and the screening to keep out malicious actors is not adequate." Anti-virus giant Symantec has . . . "

IDC: HP is still top PC vendor worldwide amid soft Q4 sales | ZDNet: "As for the vendors, this is a stickier situation. To recall, IDC still pegged Hewlett-Packard as the top PC vendor worldwide back in October, ahead of Lenovo -- despite a contrary report from Gartner.

Mobile Hotmail and users hit by multi-day access issue | ZDNet: "While most, if not all, mobile Hotmail and users currently can access their mail via a Web site, some still cannot using their local mail app on their devices if that mail app relies on EAS. Because some of these users are seeing status pages indicating all is working, they are becoming increasingly frustrated. It seems as though Microsoft is marking the issue as resolved because users can still get to their mail via Web access. Google announced late last year that it is dropping EAS support by the end of January 2013. Google is phasing out Google Sync, which relies on EAS, in favor of its own CalDAV and CardDAV protocols for users who are not paying Google Apps customers."

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