The Internet of Everything

The Internet of Everything: Let's Get This Right | Innovation Insights | "If the notion of the “Internet of Everything” alarms you a bit, I wouldn’t be surprised. We have to get this new world right. We have to ensure that the technologies we create enrich our lives, not make us captive. We have to ensure that as we connect, our privacy and security are not violated. But make no mistake; we must anticipate and address these issues, because our future is a connected one. It was said that the Internet eliminated time and distance. The Internet of Everything (or IoE) makes MetCalfe’s law — wherein the value of a network increases proportionally to the square of the number of devices connected to the network — perhaps the most important principle on earth. Because when we connect, we enlighten. Societies will become transparent as data turns into actionable information and flows freely. It will be folly for a country to try to limit its citizens’ access to knowledge. Business success will be based on not only on the fast beating the slow, but the connected trumping the unconnected. Every business — no matter what size — will have to have a personal relationship with each customer to survive. If the “Arab Spring” didn’t show you this, we are clearly entering the age of the citizen. The technological revolution of the last twenty years — enabling us to be virtual, visual, social and mobile all at the same time — has created the greatest human empowerment since Thomas Jefferson wrote about our “inalienable rights” in the U.S. Declaration of Independence. As an individual, you will truly choose the world in which you want to live. . . ."

Google's Coolest Project? Broadband - "According to Eric Schmidt, Google‘s executive chairman, the most interesting project going on at the search giant is its high-speed broadband trials in Kansas City. (Missouri and Kansas versions) The business, called Google Fiber, promises speeds 100 times faster than conventional high-speed Internet services. Mr. Schmidt, who was speaking at a New York Times Dealbook conference in New York, said Google was delivering 760 megabits per second to the customer, and taking 720 megabits a second from customers. “All of the distinctions, like HD, DVD, that we grew up with, go away,” he said. “You really imagine that your computer is really in a data center.” Google is considering introducing  the service to other select cities, Mr. Schmidt said, but would not specify which towns would get the fiber. . . "

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