Will Samsung withhold flexible display from Apple

Could Samsung cripple Apple by withholding the next big innovation in mobile? | ZDNet: "Samsung is drawing closer and closer to the technology that will transform the future of smartphones and tablets. It will show off its progress in a couple weeks at CES 2013 when it demos a 5.5-inch flexible display with a 1280x720 resolution and a 267 pixel density (an upgrade to the one pictured above from CES 2011). While these displays are still at least a couple years away from being used in mainstream products, they represent the next big innovation in mobile devices. They will enable much thinner, more power-efficient smartphones and tablets, and a lot more flexibility (pun intended) in product designs and form factors. The big question is whether or not Samsung would share this innovation with Apple. As you know, Apple and Samsung are still embroiled in an epic legal battle over whether Samsung has illegally mimicked Apple devices and infringed upon Apple patents with its Galaxy family of smartphones and tablets. Since Samsung is also the maker of lots of mobile hardware components, Apple had been one of its best customers. And from Apple’s point of view, Samsung was one of its most important partners for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod lines. However, the legal cold war between the two companies has inevitably altered the relationship . . ."

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