Business trends for 2013

Ten business trends for 2013 - and four ways they affect you | TechRepublic: " . . . my top tips for 2013. The need for greater flexibility and agility in a tougher world market will see changes including:
  • Accelerating virtualisation with a growing numbers of part time employees and a rise in the number of new, small specialised companies to exploit their niche capabilities.
  • A wider workforce dispersion within and without countries will change business needs, demands, and modes of management and delivery beyond the established outsourcing model.
  • Far fewer full-time employees and the old management structures and supports wane as they are recognised to be out of step with ‘the new stable economy’.
          . . . .
  • IT departments will continue to decline as they are seen as increasingly irrelevant with more capable workforces making a unilateral declaration of independence, adopting BYOD, and striking out as independent workers."
 How Is Microsoft's Surface Tablet Doing?
The Surface tablet has been on the market for nearly three months, and analysts say it has not done well. Brent Thill of UBS Investment Research estimates that Microsoft sold just one million in the fourth quarter — half his original estimate.

Dish Network Asks FCC to Pause Sprint-Softbank Review - Bloomberg: "“This is a negotiating tactic for Ergen,” Amy Yong, an analyst at Macquarie Securities in New York, said in an interview. Ergen wants to force Sprint into talks on sharing airwaves, Yong said. Ergen has said he wants to add spectrum -- the airwaves that let mobile devices operate -- to compete with AT&T Inc. (T) and Verizon Wireless in the mobile-phone business. Last month, the FCC approved Dish’s plan to operate wireless devices on airwaves formerly devoted mainly to satellite services."

ReadWrite – Dolphin Browser Demonstrates Why Mobile-Only Is A Losing Bet: "There is a distinct difference between mobile first and mobile only (or even mostly mobile). We have seen, with a couple notable exceptions, that mobile-only companies have trouble achieving extraordinary scale. Path, Foursquare and others have demonstrated this (with exceptions like Instagram proving the rule). They can make a tidy business if they learn how to monetize right, but tend to get stunted by the mostly mobile strategy. For an industry that often espouses open standards and ubiquity, it is surprising to see companies put themselves in a position to be in a fundamentally closed channel by limiting themselves to the mobile experience. "

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