The free app every Android owner should install

AirDroid: The free app every Android owner should install in 2013 — Mobile Technology News: ". . . It’s true that Google Android devices never needed a computer for device management — that’s by design — but in some cases, it’s handy to use a computer to get at files on an Android or move them locally across a network for use on PC, Chromebook or Mac. I can’t think of a program that does this better than AirDroid."

Sprint Will Begin Pay As You Go Service On January 25th, But Standard Sprint Phones Aren't Invited To The Party: "There are only two smartphones that will be available at the beginning of Sprint As You Go: LG's somewhat misnamed Optimus Elite, and the Samsung Victory, conspicuously absent of the "4G LTE" branding that's present on Sprint's current Galaxy model. The former will run you $150 with no subsidy, while the latter is $250; not terrible as far as prepaid phones go, but not exactly bargains, either. $70 a month gets you unlimited talk, text and web, though you're not allowed free roaming on EVDO networks for data. The exact position on roaming (remember roaming, kids?) isn't made clear, but it looks like using data on non-EVDO networks may eat into your pre-paid credit. Since this information comes from pre-release materials meant for Sprint employees and affiliates, we probably won't be able to go deeper until the end of the month."

Internet Explorer ends the year on a high, Windows 8 slow to get noticed | Ars Technica: ". . . The end of the year was more mixed for Microsoft. There are some things that the company will be pleased about. Its overall share of the browser market grew, with Internet Explorer 9 almost doubling its usage, and the ancient Internet Explorer 6 losing about a quarter of its users over the course of the year. However, Redmond's big concern is likely to be Windows 8. The picture here is murky. Net Market Share tracks the operating systems that browsers report alongside the browser versions themselves, giving some insight into usage levels. For December, Windows 8 had a 1.72 percent share, compared to 39.08 percent for Windows XP, 5.67 percent for Windows Vista, and 45.11 percent for Windows 7. This level of usage puts it closer to Linux, at 1.19 percent, Mac OS X Mountain Lion, at 2.27 percent, Mac OS X Lion, at 2 percent, or Mac OS X Snow Leopard, at 2.07 percent. That's not the explosive start that the PC industry was hoping for. . . ."

BBC News - CES 2013: Lessons from Las Vegas: " . . . in an unpromising back room I was shown something even more impressive. Leap Motion's Leap is a small, beautifully designed device that you plug into your computer. This creates an invisible field around the computer, allowing you to control what happens on screen with your fingers, whether it's slashing melons in a game of Fruit Ninja or shaping a vase in a 3D design program. This was the most impressive demo I've seen of gesture as a new computing interface and it looks set to make the founders of Leap Motion very rich. Our predecessors in the shabby conference room were executives from one of the biggest names in global entertainment, and the firm has already struck deals with computer makers who will install their technology inside their products. . . . "

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